The Tomb Raider games aren’t afraid to throw in weird paranormal enemies and shake things up with magic—in fact, the last quarter or so of last year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider has players fighting undead super warriors from the Byzantine Empire. So the fact that the newest downloadable content pack for the game throws in baddies that are one step up from being zombies isn’t too far out of the norm on Lara Croft’s list of things she’s shotgunned.

And it looks like players will be doing quite a bit of shotgunning of monster-people in The Cold Darkness Awakened, the newest story add-on for Rise of the Tomb Raider, available today. It’s giving the game a bit of a horror bent, with the tagline promising players can “battle waves of infected enemies.” You can get a load of what they’re like in the video created by YouTuber sneaky snake above, as highlighted by Kotaku.

Almost-zombies are certainly a change of pace for Lara, who killed untold numbers of mercenary guys in the main Rise of the Tomb Raider story, either by shooting them with various guns or sneaking up and brutally murdering them before they could warn their soon-to-be-dead friends. But these guys don’t look particularly inventive—they instantly call to mind the kinds of shambling, not-quite-corpses of the latter day Resident Evil enemies. Then again, creeping through the darkness with only a shotgun and a flashlight will definitely call up some horror movie vibes that might be refreshing after Rise’s many hours of action-movie mayhem.