After a long period of not a lot going on, addictive shooter Destiny is bringing another big content drop to players—and it’s reviving everybody’s favorite ridiculously powerful rocket launcher.

“Rise of Iron” is the next big expansion of Destiny, and it’s packed full of new stuff. Most notable is a new “raid,” one of those huge, hours-long, six-person missions that have been the very best stuff that developer Bungie has produced for the game. There’s a new story for the expansion as well, plus a bunch of little additions like a new strike mission, new multiplayer stuff, and of course new weapons and armor for players to sink hours into trying to snag.

Who cares about all of that, though. What really matters is that Bungie has finally returned the Gjallarhorn to its proper place of glory. It’s the rocket launcher that fires homing shells, wrecks fools in multiplayer, and is generally awesome. It first appeared in the original version of Destiny, but when Bungie overhauled the game with the release of the “Taken King” expansion, Gjallarhorn was left behind and made obsolete.

But no more! Time to blow people up with zero abandon in Destiny’s multiplayer Crucible and melt bosses in mere seconds.

You can check out the full announcement livestream for “Rise of Iron” on Bungie’s Twitch channel, which has the broadcast archived. There are also more details on Bungie’s website. The expansion is due out on Sept. 20.