With the success of the Netflix original series Stranger Things, everybody is salivating for another show to satisfy their “sci-fi mystery with a central family conflict and a hint of surrealism” urge. To those with oddly specific cravings we say, Drool no more!

The streaming network’s forthcoming series The OA series begins with a simple sci-fi premise: Prairie Johnson has been missing for 7 years, and when she returns an adult, she is not the blind child that went missing. If this feels like scarce information, it is; the trailer withholds a lot of basic plot points. Most of it revolves around creating an unsettling mood with certain sci-fi staples: nefarious chambers with vague medical equipment, translucent prison cells, strange markings on Johnson’s back.

A more surrealist execution of a Stranger Things-esque show could be a refreshing move—both familiar and different. To unravel the mystery of the plot further, you only have to wait until this Friday. The eight-episode first season, created by Zal Batmanglij along with Brit Marling, who plays Prairie, will be available to stream on Netflix at the end of the week. To help you bide your time, here’s a fun little Stranger Things point-and-click game.