The Onion has a record of jokes, parodies, and commentary that’s damn-near-spotless. What makes it all the more impressive is that they seem to only get better, stronger, and bigger with each passing year. Now, they’re proving it once again with their new web series EDGE, a conceptual and entirely absurd lampoon of VICE documentaries.

Because while VICE has absolutely put out some of the most insightful and exceptionally done documentaries in recent years, there’s a very distinct tone to them that’s pretty hard to shake.

“VICE is wrought with a distinct self-confidence, which of course gets our writers salivating,” said The Onion’s VP of Production George Zwierzynski Jr.. “The Onion team is highly competitive when it comes to other companies and publishers, so it’s only natural we would take a stab at VICE as a whole.”

The first episode of EDGE, titled “Beyond The Brink: How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs,” nails VICE’s zealous mixture of hard-hitting storytelling, on-the-front-lines reporting, and chest-pounding “that’s right, we’re doing this” attitude and angst-empathy vibe that awkwardly sneak their way in.

“We just passed from Jerusalem into the West Bank, and you can see all around me what it’s like here; people living under desperate conditions, completely cut off from coke, tranquilizers, even weed,” observes correspondent Nic Moss. “You can tell no one here’s high. It sucks.”

The show’s ridiculousness doesn’t stop with its episodes either. EDGE’s blossoming Twitter feed carries the parody one step beyond.