I’d like to make an important point regarding the mile high club discussed in your column. The only people who can join are the pilot and his or her partner. Passengers, a.k.a. self-loading freight, do not qualify. A purist like myself also says the autopilot should not be used. Am I a member of the club? No, I am simply a pilot who hates to see what began as an exclusive club watered down for groundlings. I’ll earn my wings one day, and I will do so in a way I can be proud of.– P.J., San Leandro, California

****Now, now – we’re all in this together. Your standard is much too strict, and making love in the cockpit of an airborne plane is foolhardy. In our view, a pilot who’s having intercourse is freight on a pilotless plane. You fly, and let passengers take care of the sex.