*Q. *I was in a relationship last fall, and the sex was terrible. She lay there and did nothing. The second and last time we had sex, I wanted to get it over with. So, after a respectable amount of time, I increased the pace, threw in some appropriate facial expressions and moans and pretended to come. I rolled off, removed the condom, threw it in the garbage and slipped into cuddle mode. I have told some friends this story and they think it’s funny, though a bit sad. Have you ever heard of a man faking it? I know I can’t be the first guy to try this.

– C.D., Fort Bragg, North Carolina

**A. *You and your friends are right on both counts: You’re not the first guy to try it, and it is rather sad. You’d be surprised how many men fake climaxes. They do it for the same reasons women do: They aren’t aroused by their partner or the intercourse and they want to get the situation over with. Others may have trouble coming because of exhaustion, intoxication or for medical reasons and fear how their partner will react. Faking an orgasm wasn’t the best way to handle the situation, and the deception seems like too much work to prolong a dud of a relationship. You should have withdrawn and asked your partner (gently) why she wasn’t responsive. She may have been as bored as you were, or inexperienced and unsure how to tell you what turns her on.*

Q. At what point do two people become a couple? I say it’s the first time they’re expected to attend an event as a unit.

  • - R.P., Bloomington, Indiana

**A.* We say it’s when they’ve both seen each other on the john.*