Q. My wife is a vegetarian. She’s worried that she might be ingesting meat by-products when she swallows my semen. Can you put her mind at ease?

– J.F., Toms River, New Jersey**

A.For your sake, we’d better. Vegetarians don’t eat meat because of concerns for the welfare of animals, or because they believe it’s healthier. Assure your wife that no living thing suffered in the production of your semen—except you, waiting for your next orgasm. Semen contains protein but no meat, eggs or fish, and it’s low-fat. Even vegans, who are stricter about the rules, agree that swallowing is not an issue. We found this at eatveg.com: “Oral sex is vegan even though it may involve putting flesh in your mouth, as it shouldn’t involve any cruelty or exploitation, and said flesh is eventually returned to its owner.” By the way, many women report that vegetarians’ semen tastes better.