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The Playboy Advisor: How Young Can I Go?

The Playboy Advisor: How Young Can I Go?:

*Q. *After two years of torture I am finally divorced and starting to date again. My question is: How young can I go? I read that the formula is your age divided by two, plus three. I’m 46, so that would allow me to go out with a 26-year-old. There’s a 28-year-old who wants to sleep with me, but I’ve been shying away because of the age difference. What do you think?– J.B., Minneapolis, Minnesota

*A. *Are you kidding? She’s been legal for 10 years. No matter what the age difference, the challenge of any relationship that starts like this is finding something in common besides your mutual interest in fucking. But that doesn’t sound like a concern for you now.

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