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The Playboy Advisor: Softly Climaxing

The Playboy Advisor: Softly Climaxing:

*Q. *When I party and can’t get an erection, I find myself still trying to get off. Even though my penis stays flaccid, I manage to climax. Is it healthy to ejaculate while soft?– F.F., Trenton, New Jersey

*A. *In some ways booze is a version of hell – it makes you horny and impotent. But as you’ve found, you can cheat the devil. Erection, orgasm and ejaculation are separate physiological functions, which is why it’s possible to ejaculate without an erection (such as during a wet dream) or have an orgasm without ejaculating (the semen goes into your bladder to be dispelled later). Although we admire your persistence, it’s not healthy to consistently drink so much that you can’t get hard.

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