Q. When my girlfriend and I are in the heavy, panting, slippery phase of lovemaking, I will frequently spread my fingers like a fan and place my little finger in her anus, two fingers in her vagina and my index finger on her clitoris. If she’s in the doggie position, it’s reversed, with my index finger in her ass. I then stroke in and out. I’m always struck by the classic beauty of this move, which I call “the peacock tail” because my fingers are spread out. I’m wondering if there is some other name in the sexual archives that better describes it. – J.W., Boise, Idaho

A. We’ve heard it called the love glove, the trident or the double trigger. Typically the thumb is placed on the clit and the fingers advance from there, but you can arrange your digits in whatever manner your partner prefers. Make sure she is well lubricated and that your fingernails are trimmed. Your name fits nicely, especially since the peacock spreads his feathers to impress the hens.