Smartphone game Pokémon Go is a perfect storm of popular obsessions. Leveraging years of popularity—the countless Pokémon video games, card games, cartoons and toys—Nintendo has brought the franchise to the phones most of us carry around in our pockets. The last piece of the puzzle is augmented reality: tech that uses the phone’s camera to launch Pokémon’s adorable cartoon monsters into the real world.

Even within the first month of its life, the game has thundered through its pop-culture evolution at an alarming pace. First there were stories about crowds of people chasing Pokémon around parks. Then there were the stories of how people got hurt while playing. And then there were the stories about how people were getting robbed because they chased make-believe monsters into secluded places in the middle of the night.

Our friend Ricky was a Pokémon Go skeptic, but at our insistence he decided to take the plunge. We asked him to keep a running journal of his experiences as he learned to love the game and, well, things got a little out of hand.

This is his story.