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Exit Clear

The ‘Pokémon Go’ Evolutions You Will Never Want in Your Collection

Everyone is playing Pokémon Go, and while the goal is to catch them all, there are some that you might want to avoid. If you don’t play the game, there’s a feature where you can collect numerous lesser Pokémon and evolve them into their true form. These are some of the true forms you probably won’t want in your collection.

001 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

002 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

003 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

004 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

005 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

006 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

007 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

008 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

009 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

010 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

011 pokemon-go-bad-evolutions

Want to make your own fake evolutions? Follow @RobFee and he let you know how.

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