Shaving can be a tricky business. There’s a reason it’s considered an art, and it mostly has to do with all of the things that could potentially go wrong when you put a metal blade on your skin.

Enter a new kind of razor called “Skarp.” It’s the brainchild of two Swedish men who are working to use the power of light to make the hair fall out of your face. A few decades ago, founder Morgan Gustavsson invented the intense pulse light technology that has been used in laser hair removal treatments. But until recently, scientists were only able to easily remove dark hairs. Now, he and his partner Paul Binun have identified a part of hair molecules, called chromophore, that can be targeted effectively across any hair type.

The two men launched a Kickstarter campaign to utilize this new technology in a slim, no-frills laser razor. Gustavsson and Binun’s campaign has already far exceeded its initial $160,000 goal—with 20 days to go, they’ve surpassed the $800,000 mark. It’s no surprise that men are signing up for a piece of technology that promises no irritation and a close shave.

If all goes as planned, you could be the proud owner of one of the laser razors as early as March of 2016.