Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, two of Hollywood’s most endearing goofballs, have teamed up for the new action comedy Central Intelligence, and when you get news like that there’s really only one thing to do: Sit back and wait for them to get up to some kind of shenanigans.

Hart and Johnson didn’t let us down. Two weeks ago, they each posted a video to their respective Instagram accounts. Both were hanging from cables preparing to film a scene in the film, and both were excited to share the moment with their fans. There was just one problem: They were back-to-back, trying to say the same words at the same time.

Here’s Hart:

And here’s Johnson:

The display of playful on-set animosity went viral, of course, so you know Hart and Johnson weren’t going to let it end there. Last week, they brought it back, this time after a night shoot that was shut down by the fire department.

Here’s Johnson:

And Here’s Hart:

Central Intelligence hits theaters June 17, 2016, and if it’s half as fun as these videos, Hart and Johnson will have a hit on their hands.