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Exit Clear

A Look Back at the Time the Rolling Stones Stayed at the Chicago Playboy Mansion

The Rolling Stones made their way to Hef’s famed Playboy Mansion in Chicago in 1972. Their four-day escapade at the Mansion was quite eventful (as one would expect from one of the most prolific rock bands in history.) Here are a few photos of Mick Jagger and the rest of The Stones hanging out with Hef and Playmates at the original Playboy Mansion.


Playboy Mansion Chicago- June 18 to 21, 1972 –Hef and Mick Jagger talking one evening during the four days the Stones were guests.


Playmate Mercy Rooney, Mick Jagger and a Playboy Bunny.


Mick Jagger


Bill Wyman, Hugh and Playmate Karen Christy. Hugh gives a few pointers in backgammon.


Bill Wyman, Hugh and Playmate Karen Christy


Playmate Mercy Rooney, Mick Jagger and a Playboy Bunny


Mick Jagger

For more archival photos, check them out here.

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