Dave Chappelle’s New York City takeover began in earnest on Thursday, when the once reclusive standup comedian stopped by the Tonight Show for a freestyle session with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

The recurring segment involves Fallon asking random audience members questions, to which the answers get incorporated into a freestyle courtesy of Roots frontman Black Thought. It’s far and away one of the show’s more clever bits, and serves as a healthy reminder that The Roots are not your average late night house band.

When Fallon calls on an audience member named Dave to answer some questions, the rest of the audience quickly clues in on the gag. Chapelle proceeds to poke fun at his infamous self-imposed exile, by telling Fallon that his ideal super power would be “disappearing for long periods of time,” while his weakness would be “the need for money.”

The Roots turned Chappelle’s answers into a nifty take on a New Edition song. The whole thing was rather cute. But this is showbusiness, and celebrities don’t just stop by talk shows out of the kindness of their hearts. Chappelle had something to promote and he made sure to get his plug in before Fallon cut to commercial.

Normally we’d spare you the details, but this is something worth knowing about, especially if you happen to find yourself in New York City over the coming weeks. Chappelle will be performing at Radio City Music Hall for 14 consecutive nights, and will be joined by an impressive crew of musical luminaries that include Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Mos Def, Chance the Rapper and of course, The Roots. Fellow comedians Chris Rock, Trevor Noah and Ali Wong will also join Chappelle on stage, making the Aug 1-24 run a must see for anyone who likes really cool shit. It’s no wonder tickets are selling for triple digits.