The internet has given way to all manner of new traditions. Odd pairings meant for relaxation have existed at least as long as Austin Powers’s Gold Member paired a smoke and a pancake. For members of Reddit, the pinnacle pairing of relaxation is the Shower Beer. Now, the inter-webs born tradition has an entirely new level of legitimacy in the form of its very own beer.

Yes the name is a tad unoriginal, matching that of the Shower Beer tradition. But c’mon, the marketing campaign works for itself.

This highly specific IPA is the brainchild of Swedish brewery PangPang and a creative firm called Snask. At 6 fluid ounces, it gives you a perfectly shower specific serving. This is probably far better than drinking a 40 Oz and having a shower, as the length of said shower would inevitably anger anyone else in your home.

Unfortunately, we will all have to wait to buy this official Shower Beer. Don’t lose all hope, because the creators are interested in exporting to the United States.

Until then, any beer will make a good shower beer.