The Simpsons and Akira are both landmarks of late 1980s animation history, but you’d think the similarities would end there. Not for the creators of “Bartkira,” though.

What began as a comic book idea turned into a collaborative project in which talented Simpsons fans drew their favorite characters from the show into Akira’s psychic dystopia. Then, producer Kaitlin Sullivan decided the comics project needed a companion trailer, and worked with dozens of artists to create this spot-on recreation of the original Akira trailer, populated entirely by Simpsons characters roaming the streets of Neo-Tokyo. The clip does a great job matching both the Akira animation style and the early animation of The Simpsons, and it’s good enough to make you want them to do the whole movie like this.

You can read more about “Bartkira,” and see more amazing mash-up art, at the project’s website.