The “Treehouse of Horrors” episode of The Simpsons every year always has some of the season’s best jokes—particularly the goofy puns that get inserted into every name during the final credits to spooky them up for Halloween.

In this year’s credits, Casting Associate Nick Conti snuck in a gag about one of the tougher-to-nab Destiny guns, which has a fairly scary Halloween-ish name and look. Developer Bungie snagged a picture of the credits and took it to Twitter:

The gun in question is the Necrochasm, one that popped up in Destiny in last year’s expansion The Dark Below. It actually was a weird secret for a long time, because players have to unlock it through a vigorous series of trials, using great skill and an even greater amount of luck.

As Conti’s credits joke suggests, that no small feat. Maybe some national attention will convince Bungie to update the “Crota’s End” raid and make Necrochasm worth the effort, since it, like all Year One guns, is severely underpowered at this point. It’d be a great gun to go with Destiny’s cool Halloween festivities this year.