Playing soccer with rocket-powered cars is about to get even weirder.

Developer Pysonix is releasing another free downloadable content pack in November for Rocket League, and this one isn’t a bunch of awesome new cars to drive while kicking goals from midfield. This time, the game will get a big batch of “mutators,” which allow players to create custom matches with little tweaks that will fundamentally change how Rocket League is played. The pack includes modes like one that turns down gravity, others that change the ball into a cube or a giant floaty beach ball, and one in which everybody is constantly exploding.

There are also mutators that sound awesome as they set the imagination running, like “Time Warp” and “Pinball.” The press release issued by Psyonix about the DLC doesn’t include any details about those, but surely something that probably includes slow-motion, and something else that I’m guessing is a sort of hilarious rockety bumper cars, will be phenomenal. All of the modes will be available in a playlist that randomizes them, so you can actually jump into competitions with other players in which things are somehow even more ridiculous than normal car-soccer. Look for the DLC sometime later next month.