We’ve come a long way since the 1960s, when college campuses were hotbeds of political radicalism and experimental hygiene. Today, hitchhiking is considered dangerous; a Mercedes is the preferred mode of transportation. And rotgut punch is a thing of the past—today’s college students know their pinot gris from their Mad Dog 20/20. Even in the face of a tricky economy, luxury living continues to move into the mainstream, and college campuses aren’t missing out on the fun. After all, this is the American dream, right? The pursuit of life, liberty, happiness—and the almighty dollar. Case in point: the new superdorm. These four pages show images of an actual college living facility. It’s called Sterling Central, and it’s an off-campus student housing complex near the University of Central Florida, with one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments ranging from $625 to $940 per person per month. “We wanted to build a best-in-class-type deal,” says Brian Dinerstein, a partner at the Houston-based Dinerstein Companies, builder of the property. “Today’s students are used to bells and whistles at home, so we wanted to provide that for their college experience.” Bob Dylan would be horrified. Then again, we bet his home isn’t too shabby. Want to join the party? Step inside.

LOUNGE ACTWhen the students in Sterling Central aren’t busy studying, they can hang in one of the complex’s two common areas. This communal kitchen and sports bar–type space (above and right) holds a hundred people comfortably—an ideal spot to catch Central Florida football and basketball games.

LUXE LIVINGEach bedroom at Sterling Central has its own bathroom, and the apartments are decked out with modern furniture, high-end appliances and everything in between. It’s all ready for you to move right in. Left: A bevy of beautiful coeds discuss the phenomenology of Husserl for their philosophy class.

LIQUID CHEMISTRYSterling Central has four pools, including this one in the middle of the property—an ideal spot to hit the books. There are also two gyms. Right: A young stunner demonstrates the ideal parabola for her physics class.

THEATER 101Of course, an on-site movie theater makes it easy for students to focus on their film class curriculum. Who wins, the cowboys or the aliens? Will Rocky defeat Mr. T? Pay close attention; this will be on your final exam. The theater seats about 25; sorry, there’s no concession stand. The second party room (left) has a large flat-screen TV. These days the ivory tower can be enjoyed in 3-D.