The upcoming Warcraft movie has an official trailer finally, and it’s full of sword-murders and mythical monsters.

The trailer debuted at Warcraft developer Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon convention, and gives the biggest look at the film to date. Previously, BlizzCon has been home to panels featuring the film’s actors and its director, Duncan Jones (Moon), but there’s been precious little in the way of actual footage up to now, other than a few quick shots of the movie’s computer-generated orc characters, and some flashes of people getting totally slain in battle.

We’re finally getting a sense of the movie’s story in the new trailer, which goes back in the Warcraft lore before the extremely popular World of Warcraft to the tale of the earliest game in the series. The gist is: a horde of hulking greenish folks called orcs wind up invading the human world of Azeroth, as their own world is under threat. According to earlier information about the film, expect it to bounce between human and orc main characters as the conflict reaches a boiling point. Oh, and there will be sweeping vistas and plenty of clashes of medieval weapons. Also, the humans ride gryphons. So that’s awesome.