The Weeknd has a thing for European art house filmmakers. The first few videos off of last year’s juggernaut album Starboy were a glowing nod to the phosphorescent neo-noir visions of Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, complete with the requisite religious iconography and bloodthirsty models. His latest set of visuals, for the song “Secrets,” takes a sharp left turn by channeling the languid surrealism of the Russian auteur Andrei Tarkovksy.

Directed by Pedro Martin-Calero, the clip finds our hero in a giant monolithic building with brutalist flourishes and intricate angular sight lines. There’s a girl. There’s a guy. And there’s a lot of brooding. But what could devolve into another tired love triangle story is elevated by the video’s futuristic backdrop. It’s just a great place to shoot something, and it’s handled with the appropriate reverence by the director.

The building instantly becomes a central landmark in the Weeknd’s growing lore. Fans planning an Abel Tesfaye pilgrimage will need to head to his hometown of Toronto, where they’ll find the imposing structure in the city’s downtown core. Just don’t expect to see Abel himself. The video was shot at the Toronto Reference Library, which means it’ll be decidedly more low key upon your visit. But if you’re interested in learning about Kant’s critique of pure reason, well you’ll have come to the right place.

Watch The Weeknd’s video for “Secrets” below.