Whenever a video game is released, players find “exploits” within it—ways to cheat the carefully constructed systems created by developers in order to fast-track better stats, more in-game money, or anything else that players want and developers want them to have to earn.

In The Witcher 3, players found lots of ways to buy low and sell high in order to finagle piles of in-game cash without having to work extra hard to earn it. Rather than release patches to squash the ability of players to take advantage of the system, developer CD Projekt RED took the opportunity to do something better: give players a chance to confess.

Fire up Hearts of Stone, the new expansion for The Witcher 3, and at some point, you might be stopped by a tax enumerator, as the above video from YouTube channel WhatsMyGame shows. Seems the fantasy world IRS has noticed that protagonist Geralt of Rivia has suddenly come into a bunch of income and hasn’t done a good job of explaining it. The tax man starts asking about the known in-game exploits of selling certain cheap things at high prices, noting that there’s a hefty fine for taking advantage of the gullibility of dumb merchants.

Luckily, you don’t have to pay any big fines, because you can just tell the truth—of course you, an upstanding monster-hunter, would never commit acts so unseemly! The tax man takes you at your word (and apparently verifies it with math?) and rewards Geralt with a certificate of upstanding citizenship. And if you did happen to rip off those merchants, well, you just have to live the lie, complete with a False Document of Shame. Forever.

*Via Kotaku *