A lot of pride is taken by the state of Oregon for serving as the backdrop for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. There is, however, a glaring absence of shame for acting as the setting of both Are We Done Yet? and Freddy Got Fingered. Taking into account IMDb rating, critic consensus, and the general unanimity of moviegoers, here are all 50 states and the worst movie that takes place in each.

Alabama: Rage
Alaska: The Fourth Kind
Arizona: The Perfect Man
Arkansas: Inbred Redneck Alien Abduction
California: Gigli
Colorado: Jack Frost
Connecticut: Grown Ups 2
Delaware: Survival Of The Dead
Florida: From Justin To Kelly
Georgia: Madea Goes To Jail
Hawaii: You, Me, And Dupree
Idaho: Georgia Rule
Illinois: Little Man
Indiana: Sleepwalkers
Iowa: Whiteboyz
Kansas: Critters 2
Kentucky: Death Tunnel
Louisiana: The Haunted Mansion
Maine: Welcome To Mooseport
Maryland: Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
Massachusetts: Stealing Harvard
Michigan: The Man
Minnesota: Jingle All The Way
Mississippi: The War
Missouri: Ernest Scared Stupid
Montana: The Patriot
Nebraska: Mr. Woodcock
Nevada: Showgirls
New Hampshire: Eight Crazy Nights
New Jersey: Swimfan
New Mexico: High School Musical
New York: Glitter
North Carolina: Maximum Overdrive
North Dakota: Leprechaun
Ohio: Howard The Duck
Oklahoma: Where The Heart Is
Oregon: Are We Done Yet?
Pennsylvania: The Village
Rhode Island: Dumb And Dumber To
South Carolina: The Marine
South Dakota: Son In Law
Tennessee: An American Haunting
Texas: Manos: Hands Of Fate
Utah: Red Canyon
Vermont: Sucker Punch
Virginia: Evan Almighty
Washington: Twilight
West Virginia: Wrong Turn 4
Wisconsin: The Smokers
Wyoming: Did You Hear About The Morgans?

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