The hit HBO series Game of Thrones is full of dirty jokes, nudity, and over-the-top plots already, so a burlesque show based on the series seems like a natural fit. It might not be surprising to you that such a show exists, but this isn’t just any show: It’s a burlesque show personally approved by Thrones creator George R.R. Martin.

“Burlesque Is Coming” was first developed by the Blacklist Burlesque company in 2014, but it got even bigger this year, when Martin himself saw producer and performer Bella La Blanc do parts of the show at a Seattle convention. That the author was pleased with the show might have been reward enough, but Martin took things a step further, and invited the company to perform “Burlesque Is Coming” at the Jean Cocteau, a theater he owns in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Martin also promoted the show via his website, with a couple of choice funny quotes (“Arya gonna come see us? Aw, c’mon, you gotta have a Sansa humor!”) thrown in for good measure.

So, thanks to Martin, a humble burlesque company is gaining national success. Unfortunately for you, that means tickets to the show are gonna be a bit harder to come by. So, if you want to see “Burlesque Is Coming,” you should check their Tour Dates now.

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