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There’s A Ginger Pride Festival Now

[Playmate Scarlett Keegan as Louis C.K.](

Playmate Scarlett Keegan as Louis C.K.

Esteemed London news publisher the Plymouth Herald directs us to a Facebook event titled “Gingers: The Gathering.”

If you couldn’t infer on your own, there’s a plan in place for a massive gathering of redheads south of London. Stuart Perry, a pizza delivery driver and the festival’s primary organizer, is optimistic about his chances for getting together a group of the nation’s gingerest to combat what Perry calls “gingerism.”

The Plymouth Herald

The Plymouth Herald

“I wonder if we’re approaching a time when bullying gingers is over,” he said. “Being ginger has stopped being uncool, and people are seeing more and more positives about being a red head.

"When I was much younger and out at a night club a young lady came up to me and said ‘wow, your hair is lovely, where did you get it done?’

"The best thing about being ginger, for me, is that you stand out from the crowd.”

That’s right, gingers! Stand up, and be recognized!

Stuart says he started planning the event whilst grappling depression, but is now feeling better than ever with this event on the horizon. He’s already contacted a local 200-person capacity pub to host the event, and believes he’s just about ready to lock down an orange-haired celebrity to participate as a host.

‘We do have a local celebrity who is going to judge a gingerbread decorating competition, and we’re hoping to have live music too. The daughter of one the people at the meeting is going to create a display of the science of red heads,’ says Stuart. “We’ve obviously hit on something here.”

Absolutely, Stuart. While it’s not technically the “only” pro-redhead event in the UK, it’s certainly the first for the community of Plymouth, and will undoubtedly help to spread awareness and understanding of Ginger issues across the nation.

Via The Plymouth Herald.

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