The recently released Destiny expansion, “The Taken King,” seems to be brimming with secrets. One in particular as triggered a huge hunt for clues among fans, on a quest to figure out how to get one particular secret gun: the “Sleeper Stimulant.”

The gun is a special “Exotic” weapon with spiffy perks that make it especially adept at killing bad guys. The trouble is, nobody knows exactly how to get it. Diligent fans have taken to Reddit, poring over clues scattered throughout the game and its attached background lore. They’re even taking a magnifying glass to community posts on the Destiny Facebook page, hoping for a big break.

Fans are speculating all over the place about what might be required to get the gun, and coordinating their efforts online while players run around the game, testing theories. The expectation is that the first step in unlocking the Sleeper Stimulant is that players need to gather special items that enemies drop randomly throughout the game. After that, though, nobody knows.

Players are banding together and creating a massive brain trust. That demonstrates just how much deeper and more interesting Destiny is becoming in its second year.