The storied history of beating Super Mario Bros. really, really fast gets a new page today, as a player set a new world record for speedrunning the game, smashing the old record by mere fractions of a second.

A player going by the name of “Darbian” streamed his record run on Twitch, finding the way to the right castle in 4 minutes, 57 seconds, and 627 milliseconds. That’s just 66 milliseconds faster than the previous record, at 4:57:693, held by a player who goes by “iol”.

You can watch the super-fast run in the video above, which Darbain made using the original Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge—the one with Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet included on it as well. Darbian also discussed the run on Reddit, including places where ironing out a few mistakes could make it even faster. Who knows how many hours of practice cleaning a pixel or two off Darbian’s jumps will require, but nobody said setting world records was easy.