The future of travel is officially here. Well, at least for the incredibly wealthy it is.

You can now grab lunch in New York and sip on a cocktail in SoHo in London all in the same day. Thanks to Boom Supersonic and Virgin’s Richard Branson, there’s a plane that can seriously get passengers across the pond in less than four hours.

The Denver-based startup first wowed the world with news of this technology in April, and now the company has unleashed its very first prototype. Going by the name of the XB-1 (with the rather appropriate nickname of “Baby Boom”) the aircraft is capable of flying at about 1,451 MPH, and will first focus on routes like New York to London and San Francisco to Tokyo.

And as you can expect, it’s not going to come cheap. With about 45 seats on the flight, tickets are somewhere near the $5,000 range. The XB-1 is under construction now, and the company’s website projects it to be in the air by late 2017.

Curious to how the plane can fly so damn fast? Spend the 10 minutes to read it on their company website: it’s honestly fascinating. So, who wants to crowd fund tickets for this with me?