Developer Blizzard is continuing to flesh out the world of its shooter Overwatch with short films, and this time, we get a little bit of characterization for one of the game’s villainous mercenaries.

The latest of Blizzard’s Pixar-like (but ultimately more violent) shorts focuses on Widowmaker, a sniper character with a French accent who also showed up in the launch trailer that began this whole trans-media experiment.

The game Overwatch is just about players blasting each other while taking on the roles of various super-cool heroes and bad guys, each with different special abilities. But the story part of Overwatch is a lot deeper, even though it has only been revealed so far in small bits that are separate from the game itself. We know that the agency known as “Overwatch” was created to be a sort of UN peacekeeping force, and specifically fought against a robot uprising during a rebellion called the Omnic Crisis. Years later, Overwatch is disbanded and relations with Omnic robots have changed some.

The last short, “Recall,” featured superintelligent gorilla hero Winston, and suggested that something is amiss in the world of Overwatch. The new film, “Alive,” fleshes that out some more, suggesting political machinations by way of assassination and a potentially deepening crisis on the horizon. Maybe Blizzard should reconsider putting some of this ever-deepening story stuff in its actual game, because it seems pretty cool.