You could call them “modern-day milkmen.” Except they don’t deliver milk in their vintage bread truck—they deliver craft beer.

The genius business plan began when brothers-in-law Ryan Rasmussen and Ryan Hopkins, who were brewing out of their garage, were ousted from their makeshift workspace by Hopkins’ wife (Rasmussen’s sister). They soon moved into a warehouse, but didn’t have the proper permit to sell their beer out of the space. So they consulted a lawyer, who informed them that it would be 100 percent above-board to operate from a delivery vehicle and sell their brews door-to-door.

And so microbrewery Riip Beer was born in Huntington Beach, CA, just a few years after the brothers’ first foray into home brewing. Deliveries are made in an original 1931 Helms Bakery bread truck, which attracts a lot of attention. “It isn’t uncommon to have someone follow us for a mile or two until we stop,” Rasmussen tells the Huntington Beach Independent. “A lady came up to the truck one time and told us she was following us for a while to ask us if [the vehicle] was an old Helms Bakery truck.”

And of course, the delivery vehicle comes second only to the beer itself: Riip Beer took home the best beer title at the annual Taste of Huntington Beach with its Dan K American-style IPA. They also brew a Mexican chocolate stout, a coffee stout and a blond ale, which Huntington Beach residents can order growlers of by phone.

There are even beer taps built into the side of the truck:

We have updated our hours of delivery. We are open every day including Sunday Fun Day! Monday - Thursday 2pm - 6pm Friday & Saturday 2pm - 8pm Sunday 2pm - 6pm People have been asking how the beer delivery works. First, you must be 21 and have proof of a valid ID. You can call us directly and place your order just like you would if you were calling for a pizza delivery (cash or credit card). You can also visit (credit card only) and order right on our site. This option allows you to save your card on file for very easy purchase the next time, with no payment exchange needed at delivery. We deliver our beer in 64 ounce refillable growlers, 22 ounce bottles, 5 gallon kegs and 15 gallon kegs. We take both cash and credit card for payment. If you have a Keg Fridge with taps we will clean your lines complimentary. If you are buying our 64 ounce refillable growlers please rinse out your empty growler with hot water after use and store with no lid. The next time you order a 64 ounce growler we will exchange your empty growler with a new freshly filled growler. If you need beer delivered outside of our hours of delivery or you need to guarantee an exact time of delivery please call in advance to arrange. We try to deliver within 1 hour but on busy days it’s best to order in advance if you need it at a guaranteed time. #recyclegrowlers #moderndaymilkman #beerdelivery

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Of course, sometimes the little old vehicle can’t keep up with the deliveries: