Legendary party producer and former Playboy correspondent Mike Busey is hosting another riotous happening at his fortress of attitude, the Sausage Castle, to commemorate America’s service members and celebrate Veteran’s Day.

History Will Be Made Tonight! #DrunkPeopleInCostumes Night One! MikeBusey.com/Tickets

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There are many ways to celebrate the sacrifice made by so many brave men and women across this great nation of ours, but Mike seems to have come up with something truly special:

That’s right, tonight, in the wilds of Central Florida, Mike will be offering dinner, drinks, and free oral sex to any veterans venturing his way.

“You can pat them on the back and say thank you for your service and stuff, or you can get them drunk and give them a blow job,” says Mike Busey, the founder of the Sausage Castle in Orlando, Florida. “They just want to forget about the shit they had to do over there.”

In addition to this year’s efforts, Mike also goes out of his way to make sure that veterans are welcome additions to his all-inclusive cadre of good times. He offers them housing at his home, makes sure to include them in any events he’s hosting, and in the past has spent hundred of his own dollars on food for veterans across the country.

“I just try to be a friend to them,” Busey says. “Hopefully, behind all the jizz and beer, people will understand that I’m truly trying to give veterans an experience and the respect and the thanks that they deserve.”

We applaud the efforts of America’s heroes, and the men like Mike that keep finding creative new ways to thank them.

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