University of Central Florida Knights are doing so poorly, it’s hurting local businesses. Orlando bar The Basement says it used to be packed with UFC fans on football Saturdays, but now, after the Knights have lost their first four games of the season, the bar has emptied out.

The Basement’s solution? Free beer, to be handed out during games until the team finally wins. We can’t decide whether that’s a major vote of confidence or a very humiliating announcement. For the record, the Knights used to be good: Just two seasons ago, they lost only to a highly ranked University of South Carolina team and went undefeated in their conference (the American Athletic Conference, but still).

This season, they’ve lost to the Furman Paladins, among other embarrassments. The losses prompted the bar’s announcement on Instagram:

UCF, please win soon.

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According to ESPN, “The bar will start serving free beer, which will be an American lager like Coors Light and Yuengling, after the kickoff and will continue to serve until the final whistle is blown for each game until the team wins.”

Let’s all wait and see how this plays out.