Sometimes, something happens in life and you just know it’s time to make a change. For Tiger Sun, a Vancouver-bred model, it was when the Lebanese man she was in a relationship with left her for an arranged marriage. That had her reeling. Shortly after, she saw an ISIS propaganda video featuring John McGuire, a white convert jihadist from Ottawa, and she knew that she had to do something. Tiger left her life in Canada, where she was a model with a grown daughter, behind to go fight overseas.

On March 1st, Tiger left Canada and headed to Syria to fight Islamic State jihadis. There, she worked as a “spotter” for Kurdish troops. Her job was to spot out jihadis that needed to be taken out and inform the snipers. Only three months after her arrival, she was already thrust into battle and forced to learn quickly.

According to Daily Mail, “Tiger revealed that while women fight alongside male soldiers, sexual relationships do happen, although they are kept secret. But she said despite being an ex-model she was treated as an equal during battle.” The article goes on to describe some of the gruesome things that she had witnessed in her time fighting.