Seems like everyone who has ever played a game in the notoriously tough Dark Souls series has some trauma related to one boss or another. But thanks to the efforts of one modder, soon players may able to become the very things they hate, and revel in the delightfully dark taste of ultimate power.

YouTuber DaTeHaCKs created the video above, controlling one awful Dark Souls boss—Manus—to destroy another awful Dark Souls boss: the Gaping Dragon. It’s all thanks to the Boss Arena mod DaTeHaCKs is creating, which lets you stage Godzilla vs. Mothra-style battles with Dark Souls bosses, without having to deal with smaller enemies along the way. Just remember, folks: absolute power corrupts absolutely, and who knows what wielding this kind of destructive force will do to the average mortal?

The mod isn’t complete yet, but from the video, it seems like it’s coming along. You can check out more information on the mod’s official subreddit.

via Kotaku