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This Dude Spent a Year Texting a Girl Who Stole His Sunglasses and Somehow It Ended Well

This Dude Spent a Year Texting a Girl Who Stole His Sunglasses and Somehow It Ended Well:

It’s really f-ing annoying when you lose your sunglasses. But it’s even more annoying when it can be avoided. This guy accidentally left his sunglasses in the purse of his hookup and she took off with them. We will have him explain the rest of the story:

“Last summer, I met this girl at a bar. We hit it off, I end up going back to her place, whatever. She gives me her number before I leave and I hit her up to hang out again about a week later. I had gone to a football game earlier that day and then later met up with her at a friend’s house before walking to a bar to see a band play. It was a sunny Saturday day game and I was wearing sunglasses, but by the time I met up with her, it’s about 7pm and the sun was going down. So on the way to the bar, I asked her to hold my sunglasses in her purse for me. When we get to the bar, I see a few of my friends and I start introducing her while we order drinks. She turns to me and says she’s going to go outside real quick to make a phone call and she’ll be right back. She never comes back. Which is fine, I wasn’t that into her anyway. But what was not fine was that she left with my sunglasses. So over the past year, I’ve been desperately trying to get my sunglasses back from her with very little success.”

001 sunglasses
002 sunglasses
003 sunglasses
004 sunglasses
005 sunglasses
006 sunglasses
008 sunglasses
009 sunglasses
010 sunglasses
011 sunglasses
012 sunglasses
013 sunglasses
014 sunglasses
015 sunglasses
016 sunglasses
017 sunglasses
018 sunglasses
019 sunglasses
020 sunglasses
021 sunglasses
022 sunglasses
023 sunglasses
024 sunglasses
025 sunglasses
026 sunglasses
027 sunglasses
028 sunglasses
029 sunglasses
030 sunglasses
031 sunglasses
032 sunglasses
033 sunglasses
034 sunglasses
035 sunglasses
036 sunglasses
037 sunglasses
038 sunglasses
039 sunglasses

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