Now you really can get high off of chocolate.

The Chocolate Shooter, created by a Belgian chocolatier, helps you snort cocoa directly into your brain. Chocoholic Doniique Persoone originally developed the novelty device for rock stars at a 2007 Rolling Stones party, basing it off of a tobacco snuff accessory. “I’m not the bad boy promoting drugs, not at all,” Persoone tells Reuters. “Life is boring. Let’s have fun.” His device is so fun—and arguably so addictive—that in the years since the party, he has sold 25,000 Chocolate Shooter kits around the world.

To use, fill the shooter’s prongs with a hit of the special snorting powder. Then flick the trigger, spraying it into your nose as you inhale. The snorting powder is a special combo of Dominican Republic or Peruvian cocoa powder mixed with mint and ginger or raspberry. “The mint and the ginger really tickle your nose,” Persoone sayd. “Then the mint flavor goes down and the chocolate stays in your brain.”

Order a kit for $50, plus the cost of shipping, here.

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