You can find pretty much anything on Craigslist. I’ve gotten jobs off there, I’ve found apartments on there, and I often sift through the “free” section to see what sort of gems people are giving away. Also, the “missed connections” section is a constant source of entertainment if you’re feeling bored. I do not recommend, however, finding your boyfriend or girlfriend on Craigslist. There’s just too many psychos and weirdos dwelling on there.

Well, this one girl either doesn’t know that or is actually a 65-year old overweight man. She (lets assume its an actual “she”) posted an ad to Craigslist searching for a “Part-Time Boyfriend”. According to the ad, the duties include eye-gazing, face-holding, tickling, intimate relations, and generally doing anything she says. She specifies that this is NOT, however, a “fuck buddy” type of deal. This is someone looking to hang out with Sat/Sun and/or one night per week, with the opportunity for advancement. Here’s the ad, straight from Craigslist:

Judging by the picture she attached (seen at the top), she isn’t too shabby. I’m curious why she had to take out a Craigslist ad. This has a slight stench of serial killer.

(h/t LadBible)

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