If there was a single prevailing narrative in the 2016 movie awards season, it was this: Leonardo DiCaprio has to win an Oscar this year. He has to, not just because of his long and distinguished career and his many acclaimed roles that didn’t get him the award, but because this was the year he was campaigning with The Revenant, a movie that required him to sleep inside a gutted horse carcass for warmth and gnaw on raw bison liver.

The Revenant’s dedication to both physical and aesthetic accuracy (it was shot entirely in natural light, often for just minutes at a time) definitely wowed critics, but it also created a running joke about just how far Leo was willing to go to get the award that had eluded him for so many years. The fine folks at Screen Junkies used their “Honest Trailer” for The Revenant to point out something that’s actually quite obvious: If you cut together shots of DiCaprio’s grunting and suffering with shots of Johnny Knoxville and pals laughing hysterically, it’s basically an episode of Jackass.