Fans of The Walking Dead are dying to know which of their beloved series regulars fell at the hands of Neegan, the show’s newest villain, in the final moments of last season’s epic finale.

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The show’s had a long history of story points leaking over the internet before they air, but this is such a huge change to the show’s structure that TWD’s producers aren’t taking any chances. According to the Hollywood Reporter, that means going to such lengths as to film death sequences for all eleven cast members seen in the finale’s closing scene:

The Hollywood Reporter points to “sources” that claim that the show’s producers and editors will decide which of the eleven deaths best serves the story, and plug that sequence into the show’s premiere this fall.

In the comic’s storyline, the character that Neegan killed as an example to the rest was fan-favorite Glenn, and some followers of the show believe that Glenn’s “fake-out death” earlier this year was a pre-cursor to his eventual end-of-season demise, but so far AMC has been able to keep a tight lid on details from the show’s production.

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Robert Kirkman, the author of the source comic and an executive producer of the series, has promised fans that an answer will come as soon as season 7 begins this October so until then (or the inevitable, eventual leaks from set start trickling in), assume any character from the finale’s doom is on the table.