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This Is Kim Kardashian’s Worst Photoshoot Ever

Kim Kardashian is quite possibly the number one sex symbol of our generation. First, she burst onto the scene with a sex tape that, years later, is still one of the most searched for and watched videos on the Internet. Rather than hide in shame, Kim used that popularity to propel herself into the public eye as an internationally recognized name and brand associated with fashion, style, and beauty. All this is to say: Kim Kardashian knows what looks hot.

You’d be surprised, then, when looking at the pictures from her latest photoshoot for System Magazine. I can understand wanting to be arsty and be different, but this shoot basically just shows Kim laying in some dirt. Not only is she rolling around in dirt, but she looks sick and pale. This was clearly taken a couple of months ago when she had her blonde hair, so it’s nothing recent. Still, as pop culture’s leader of all things fashion and appealing, she should know better than to lay on a mountain of rubble in some thigh-highs.

Kim K Dirty 1

Via Juergen Teller for System Magazine, Source: Supplied

Kim K Dirty 2
Via Juergen Teller for System Magazine, Source: Supplied

This has got to be Kim’s worst photoshoot ever. She doesn’t look artsy, she doesn’t look sexy, she just looks sad, awkward and dirty. C'mon Kim! Kanye, how could you let this happen??

Kim K And Kanye

Via Juergen Teller for System Magazine, Source: Supplied

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