When Halle Berry woke up yesterday morning and saw that she’d hit one million Instagram followers, she celebrated by sharing a sunny pic of herself in bed. It’s no surprise her follower numbers keep climbing higher. She gives the people exactly what they want—plenty of gorgeous photos of herself that lean more towards artful than excessive.

The Academy Award-winning actress turned fifty in August, and in a recent post, she said, “The big FIVE OH has taught me to be FEARLESS!” Announcing plans to launch a new lingerie line, Scandale Halle Berry in 2017, she wrote, “Here’s what I know for sure… it’s never too early or too late to do what EVER makes you happy.”

She dropped more wisdom in a later post: “The big FIVE OH has taught me there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience. Having the courage to speak and live my truth has emancipated me over and over again. Even when the truth has been painful, I have found that honesty has been the road to my true freedom.”

Berry returns to the big screen in 2017, starring in the thriller Kidnap, but thanks to Instagram, we’ll continue to see her on the smallest of screens, too. She says, “I’ve only been here a short while and I have to say this social media platform is all that it’s cracked up to be. This is so much fun and I enjoy it more and more each day. Thank you for your support, your kind words and your respect in allowing me to do my thing my way!”

Here’s to aging gracefully and soaking up some of Halle’s positivity. If you’re not one of her million followers yet, here are a few other reasons to join them:

happy to be home and BACK to myself!

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Movie hair. Don’t care. #kingsmen #goldencircle

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We all have tough days, sometimes it’s best to dance it away. {🎶 @saintrecords}

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Says it’s 48° outside… But it’s hot AF in my house. 😂

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