Mech Warrior and Gundam fans rejoice, your ideal destructo-robot dreams are closer to reality. Over the weekend Ex-Hollywood SFX guru Vitaly Bulgarov debuted the first steps of his giant metal mech suit. Giant destructive robots are no new foray for Vitaly, whose Hollywood SFX credits include Transformers and Robocop.

The mech is a solid 13-feet tall, weighing a hefty 1.3 tons. Unfortunately, this thing isn’t fully autonomous yet, as it requires a tethered power supply. With this in mind, the company is considering adding a wheeled platform that could carry a power source. The industrial usages are obvious since its working with a pair of 286-pound, motion-tracking metal arms. Sounds like it would be pretty good at tearing apart xenomorphs. More likely in the near future is the potential for it to become a tethered robot used for cargo loading.

The mech has reportedly cost $200 million since 2014, and is a prototype to help push other mech technologies forward. One day these mechs could have both civilian and military applications. For right now though, the robot will have to settle for simply looking pretty cool.

Check out these videos of the mech in action below.