Powerful gaming and design computers tend to be gaudy affairs festooned with LED lights, ugly protrusions, windows so you can see the liquid-cooling systems and massive fans with dust-collecting vents. Sure, they work, but they look more like a 13 year-old’s central bedroom attraction than a classy accessory for your expensive furniture.

And maybe that’s your thing. If so, cool. We won’t judge you, at least this time.

But if you place a premium on design (and you’re not an Apple person - even their design sense is getting long in the tooth), you may want to check out the Volta V, a wood-encased desktop computer that looks like something you’d be proud of having on your desktop. It’s no technical slouch, either: it comes in powerful configurations with high-end 4K graphics cards, liquid-cooling and an easy-access interior secured by well-hidden magnets.

Designed by the people at Computer Direct Outlet, you’ll be sure to get a well-made machine that should last you longer than an all-in-one computer. It’s not cheap, though - the Volta V starts at $1,999 for the more basic configuration and does up to as much as $4,077 for a maced-out system with tons of memory and a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. You’ll also need to pony up for a keyboard and monitor on top of that. Sometimes, though, you gotta pay for good design.

You’ll also need to wait: The Volta V will ship in March and is available for pre-order today.