If you’re a PC gamer, you know how important your mouse and keyboard are. They can make the difference, virtually literally (is that a term?) between life and death. So if you take your gaming seriously, you’ll want to take a serious look at the new Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The K95 includes Corsair’s Cherry MX speed keys that feature a 1.2mm actuation point. This means that your fingers will need to travel less distance, but will get the feedback they need to know when you’re jamming on the WASD keys in a Call of Duty match.

The features don’t end there. First off, the K95 features some snazzy rainbow lighting scheme that will make this thing stand out. You can select shades based on your personality or, say gaming room lighting scheme.

You’ll also find some nice media controls, including a volume roller, play/pause and fast forward/rewind buttons and mute.

Perhaps most importantly are the ergonomics and feel of the keyboard, because that’s what really matters when you’re marathoning. It includes a reversible wrist rest, held in place by magnets, that can be flipped from a nice cushion to something with more texture depending on your persona needs.

It also sports six macro keys called “G keys” that can be configured however you want on the fly (say you want one for grenades and another to issue commands), and all keys are removable and meant to be cleaned with an included tool.

High-end gaming keyboard like the Corsair don’t come cheap, though. The K95 will run you about $200, and is available now.