What the heck is “plus-sized”? In the fashion industry, being called “plus-sized” is a bad thing, because it means you don’t fit into the regular standard size for a model. It’s essentially a nice way of saying “you’re too big for this job.” But here’s the problem: the standard for the “right” size is totally ridiculous. You can take the most attractive, fit girl and the fashion industry will still label her as plus-sized.

That’s exactly what happened to Iskra Lawrence. The fact that she’s considered plus-sized is utterly insane. Have you seen the abs on this girl? Have you looked at her??? She’s absolutely gorgeous! She’s certainly got some curves. Some of the best curves you’ll ever see.

Iskra agrees, having declared war against the fashion industry. Take a look at this video and hear her speak on this issue.

Now take a look at Iskra’s Instagram page and if you still think she’s plus-sized after seeing this, then you need to get your eyes checked.

✨🐻💛 #ootn this weekend in Cali 💃🏼❤️🌟 #everyBODYisbeautiful 😬 should have put the towels away 😂

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✨💕 🐰thank you for coming to the new @aerie OHIO store today everyone 😚❤️✨

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