Fancy graphics are fine, but all gamers know in their hearts that nothing will ever top the drama of Final Fantasy VII or the pure physicality of Super Mario Bros. 3. Playboy’s Retro Gaming articles look at why we love the classics and give you your nostalgia fix.

Even after all the hundreds and thousands of hours spent playing Destiny and Dark Souls and Halo as an adult, I’d bet money that the game I’ve poured the most time into overall was Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64.

Back then, as a young'un, you only ever had one game at a time—if you were lucky—and you gave that one game your full attention, unlocking every cheat code (paintballs+DK mode for the win) and beating every secret level (eat shit, Baron Samedi).

The game’s awesome soundtrack will always stay with me, especially since my new favorite YouTube channel, Video Game Tracks, has somehow, magically, stripped away the barbaric compression they had to use to fit games on plastic cartridges back in the day. It sounds so freaking good it will literally make your eyes water—in more ways than one.

Listen above. Oh, and naturally they did the Perfect Dark soundtrack too (below). Fucking sweet.

Via Consequence of Sound