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This Taylor Swift Look-A-Like Makes Over $10,000 A Month

This Taylor Swift Look-A-Like Makes Over $10,000 A Month:

Taylor Swift is so friggin’ famous that a British 23-year-old is making over $10,000 a month just because she looks like her. Her name is Rose Nicholas and she says the comparisons have been coming since she’s 17. Unlike the woman who claims that her similarities to Rihanna are ruining her life, this celeb look-alike is taking a much smarter and more proactive approach by cashing in on the coincidence.

Taylor Swift Look Alike 1

Facebook, Rose Nicholas

Taylor Swift Look Alike 2

Facebook, Rose Nicholas

Nicholas claims that she made has over $10,000 for a single event, and even appeared next to an Ed Sheeran look-alike. That makes sense. T-Swift And Eddy Sheer are such good chums in real life, it would only make sense for their appearance clones be forced to interact in public as well. Nicholas said, “I had long, blonde curly hair just like Taylor when her career was starting out as a country singer. My brother’s friends would all comment on how much I looked like her. Then after I started university in Leeds, random people would start to approach me on nights out. Drunk students would shout at me, asking for a photo with Taylor Swift.”

Taylor Swift Look Alike 3

Facebook, Rose Nicholas

Taylor Swift Look Alike 4

Facebook, Rose Nicholas

And yet here I am, looking just like Zac Efron, and not a single penny to show for it. What a shame…

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