There aren’t enough traveling festivals anymore. Back in the day, you had roving music fests like the Family Values Tour and the Lilith Fair, neither of which I attended because I wasn’t an angry teen who hated my dad or a Sarah McLachlan fan. Still, nowadays you have to travel to get to a good music festival instead of waiting for it to come to you. Same goes for most beer fests.

But California’s Sierra Nevada—one of the O.G. craft brewers, and the third most popular brewer in the country by beer sales—is keeping the spirit of the 90s alive with its traveling Beer Camp on Tour. The eight-city beer fest will feature local music, food trucks, and brews from the U.S. and around the world, beginning June 3 in Portland, Maine, and San Francisco and ending June 30 in Seattle. (See the full itinerary here.)

Beer Camp launched in 2014, when Sierra Nevada invited a dozen different breweries—six stateside, six overseas—to collaborate on a one-time-only 12-pack. Sierra Nevada hit the road that year to pour the resulting brews for thirsty fans and recruited other local breweries to join them, and thus a great summer tour was born.

Tickets are $55 for this year’s Beer Camp. Can’t make it? Replicate the experience in your backyard by buying the 2017 variety pack, which features brews from Avery, Surly, Ayinger, and Mikkeller, among other suds stalwarts.